I am always involved in creating.  During different phases of my life I have experienced photography, interior design, oil painting, pastel and ink drawing, neon sculpture, and jewelry design. I am a spiritual renaissance man living in Peekskill, New York.

Over the years I have shot photos documenting travel and family events. My passion now is photographing everything that is meaningful to me. What prompted that to happen was my leaving the rigors and pace of my daily work routine. This slowing down allowed me to see the beauty that surrounds me, and I thirst to document and share those moments with you. What I want to bring to everyone I come in contact with is, “look at this everyday object that we take for granted, and spend a moment and have a visual or emotional experience with what you see”.

I presently shoot photos with my iPhone 6s plus and a Panasonic Lumix digital camera. Most of the images you will experience have only minor adjustments to exposure and sharpness, and I have not gone the route of using Photoshop.